Watch nayakudu movie for free on Aha: Nayakudu

Nayakudu is a telugu classic film released in the year 1987. It was tamil dubbed movie written and directed by Mani ratnam. As a prominent director, this is considered to be his best work. You can easily watch nayakudu movie for free on aha as one of the best telugu old movies.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Kamal Hassan

Actress: Karthika

Other actors: Sharanya, Janagaraj,Vijayan,Nassau

Director: Mani Ratnam

Produced by: Muktha Srinivasan, Muktha V. Ramaswamy, G. Venkateswaran

Music: Ilaiyaraaja

Cinematography: P. C. Sreeram

Editing: B. Lenin,V. T. Vijayan

Story By: Mani Ratnam

Distributed by: G. V. Films

Watch nayakudu movie for free on Aha Nayakudu

Other information:

Runtime: 155 minutes

Release date: 21 October 1987

Genre: Crime

Budget: ₹10 million


The story revolves around a single character ‘velu’. His father is a renowned anti government union leader who was hiding. Police arrest velu with a plan to catch his father and kill. Police cheats Velu by making him believe that they are good and releases him with a spy and as Velu meets his father, they kill him. This makes Velu furious and he stabs the inspector and runs away from that city to mumbai. He meets a good hearted smuggler Hussain and will be raised by him from then. As he grows up and Hussain gets ill, Velu continues the smuggling activities and makes a new demand for higher commission. This makes smugglers furious towards velu and appoints a police officer to arrest hussain and kill him in the jail and prove it as a suicide. When Velu gets to know about this, he takes revenge by killing the police officer and takes care of his wife and kid. He then marries a young prostitute who impresses him and starts a happy family together. Velu gets famous for dealing with tough situations and everyone in his area goes to him if there’s a problem. what fate does to such a valued person is what you should watch.

Technical Aspects:

  • A maniratnam directed movie has to be a little romantic and message oriented. This movie has a story which has a power to change the life of the person.
  • Music and background score are the best in the movie, they have made the mood and the situation to understand the movie a better way.
  • The Characters are pretty good! The emotions they tried to carry are clearly portrayed in a good manner.
  • Visual effects, at that time. This movie has extraordinary visuals, edits.

Reasons to watch:

This movie is a classic and nothing can replace it in terms of songs, story and any other. Artist performance was also at the other level. It shows the actual efforts of making a classic telugu movie. You must definitely watch and appreciate it.

The story in the film has the most intense journey that you should take up a moment to experience. It’s a must watch film and you can watch Nayakudu movie online for free on