Thanksgiving Serviced Residence: A Pet-Friendly Hotel In Singapore


Are you a pet owner who is having trouble locating a pet friendly hotel in Singapore? For many people, taking their pets on a brief staycation or a long vacation is a dream come true.

Thanksgiving Serviced Residence and their selection of serviced apartments can help. To meet the demands of both our guests and their pets, they not only allow cats and dogs in their apartments, but their pleasant staff also provides top-notch services comparable to those found in Singapore’s premium hotels.

Why choose Thanksgiving Serviced Residence?

Pet owners who rely on services pet-friendly hotel in Singapore that solely accept furry friends are often concerned about their pets’ safety while they are away. There have been complaints throughout the years about the ethics of pet motels and the services they give.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Singapore.

Thanksgiving Serviced Residence understands the importance of ensuring the safety of your pet. As a result, unlike cat and dog-friendly hotels in Singapore that separate you from your pets, our serviced apartments allow them to live with you! Here’s what to anticipate:

  • Housekeeping Services: In addition to providing you with a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, we also provide you with housekeeping services, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your apartment clean on your own.
  • Rooftop Garden: Unlike other hotels that do not allow pets or restrict their movement within the vicinity, when you rent our pet-friendly apartments in Singapore, you and your pets will be able to easily explore the area.
  • Better accessibility: Because many of our Thanksgiving Residence guests stay for months, our serviced flats provide unparalleled convenience. It’s easy to get to pet cafes and large parks because it’s close to Orchard Road, Bugis, and Somerset.


To provide travelers and animal lovers with a website that caters to their needs, Thanksgiving Serviced Residence has provided pet owners with a list of facilities that are available at the hotel. You can also find out more by visiting their site today